Thursday, June 11, 2009


"The worst thing about OHA is that the players don't get scouted and the school does virtually nothing to promote them. At $40,000 a year and those huge house payments Alan has, why would he want to move them? haha! Somebody has to pay for that Mercedes too! That would be you if you think telling everyone you send your son to OHA is worth that. Their program is a con game."


Anonymous said...

These guys are interested in promoting their own children and the friends of the owners. Once in a while they throw a bone to an American kid such as Division II or III college hockey or some lowly Jr B program stuck in some corner of the USA.

Stick with community hockey. OHA is not a place of quality hockey. They do have some very good coaches but if your kid plays there it will be on low teams with low quality players.

Look at their records. All their teams are losers. They do not offer AAAA, that is a joke. Their Jr B and Jr A program are bottom feeders. Its nothing but a cash grab at OHA.

Anonymous said...

last summer Alan Kerr approached my son at summer camp about attending OHA. We already had plans to send him to Notre Dame. Alan promised my son a spot on his top team as a means to motivate us not to send our son to Notre Dame. I did not like this approach. It is essentially an admission that the teams at OHA are fixed well before the boys arrive to school in the fall.

My son likes the summer camp but we prefer to play at Notre Dame during the school year.

Anonymous said...

well if you are comparing apples to apples my son went on a junir A tryout a few weekends ago and was told that he made very little mistakes the whole weekend! That he must have had some really good coaching

Anonymous said...

so, did your kid make the team? I guess not or you would have said it.