Thursday, October 22, 2009


If you want your son to be forgotten, send him to Okanagan Hockey Academy!

Wake up! Obviously OHA staff made that comment or someone still with the blindfold on. You poor poor thing. The entire OHA quad team moved on because of the boys own talent NOT OHA at all. OHA did nothing but try to hold boys back, these boys were survivors of the OHA program. You are so out of the loop it is pathetic! Get your head out of the sand.
OHA can't even update their website team photos to this year and didn't even bother to put in a player of the month nominee for their KIJHL team that they are oh so proud of owning. That is a hint Alan/Andy nominate a player of the month for your treasured second from last place junior B team. September is past but you still have time for October-it will look like you care just a bit! Ready?....GO!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you posted this. OHA does not care about its players, only the steady stream of money attached to their parents

Anonymous said...

hey did they have a player of the month for November?

Anonymous said...

Nope, just checked, OHA has not bothered to nominate a player of the month for their KIJHL Junior B Lakers Team for September or October, see if OHA catches on for November....its on the KIJHL website under 'Player of the Month' on the left of the screen.