Sunday, November 7, 2010


Get your calculators out. This is gonna hurt!


$19,500 plus applicable tax

$5,000 Transportation Cost (mandatory and non refundable) plus applicable tax

Okanagan Hockey Academy Tuition and Transportation $24,500 plus applicable tax

Billet Fees (if required) $ 5,000

Out of Province Education Fees (if required) $10,500

That is 40K before taxes and some more extra special fees!

The transportation cost is a mandatory and non refundable cost payable to the Academy for transportation services to and from billet homes and local tournaments in the area.

The Province of British Columbia government has introduced a new tax, HST, which is applicable to Okanagan Hockey Academy Fees.

GST (7% tax) is the applicable tax on paid Academy Fees on or before April 30th, 2010.

HST (12% tax) is the applicable tax on paid Academy Fees on or after May 1st, 2010.

(That is a $1,659 tax saving on full Academy fees paid on or before April 30th, 2010.)

WOW! Nice break. HA HA HA HA HA!

Payment Options

• Option 1 - Full payment ($800.00 discount applied if payments made by cheque, money order or wire transfer)

• Option 2 - 3 monthly payments starting July 1st, 2010 ($400.00 discount applied if payments made by cheque, money order or wire transfer)

• Option 3 - 6 monthly payments starting July 1st, 2010

• Option 4 - Contact Mike Seeley, CA Director of Finance at 250-493-1408 Ext 3352 for alternate arrangements

Exclusive of Fees

• Extraordinary trip fees (include airfare and ground transportation at trip locale)

• Bantam, Varsity and Jr. Varsity Teams $3,500.00 per year maximum

• Prep Team $7,000.00 per year maximum

How is your math? A non- BC resident who plays on the prep team can expect to pay 47,000 not including taxes. YIKES!


Anonymous said...

yeah it costs more than Harvard and it is a public high school. Funny.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was semi-private and that the boys have specific classes aside from the public high school curriculum. We were going to request information for our son but we are clearly priced out. It also appears that they have serious drug issues in the community.

Anonymous said...

This is a complete exaggeration of how much you pay. I go to OHA and love every single part of it. They push you really hard and have helped me to improve a lot, not just on the ice but with my character as well. Just so any one who is reading this knows, the people that made this blog are the parents of some American boys who got kicked out of the Academy a couple of years back, in my opinion its really sad to see you spend so much time insulting such an awesome program and making up stories just because you got kicked out. But I guess if you have nothing better to do with your life you can just be negative and down grade things which your not good enough for.

OHA said...

You dipshit. The information was taken directly from the tuition fee sheet posted on the OHA website. Lol

Anonymous said...

It's true. I saw it on the website. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

What is going on with alan kerr at oha.

Anonymous said...

the tuition at OHA is beyond rediculous. I know for a fact that the Canadian kidsw are getting breaks and in some cases they are getting full tuition waivers. The tuition is high only for the Americans who are dumb enough to fund the development of their chosen ones who are typically the owners sons.

Anonymous said...

Americans always pay full tuition while the local boys get waivers. Andy tries to keep this a secret because they need the Americans money to run the school. They are hurting financially. It is partly due to the recession and partly because of this blog page. Now if an American wats to attend OHA and pay full tuition, they know the deal going into it. They know about the crack house and the lousy living arrangements for their kids. They know the kids will be getting a public school education for Ivy league tuition fees.

If the Americans know what they are getting going straight ahead into it, OHA is robbing them with their eyes wide open. I certainly would not be very pleased to know certain kids get to go there for free.